What internet speed is needed for a VoIP phone?

October 4, 2010 Comments off

VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a common terminology used for a family unit of transmission technologies, communication protocols and methodologies. This terminology is based on the services of Internet Protocol where end-users demand for the high-speed multi-media sessions and voice communications. A VoIP phone enables the user to make the telephone calls over internet, not over normal PSTN system. These phones utilize various control protocols for instance SCCP (skinny client control protocol) and SIP (session initiation protocol). Furthermore, these phones use a proprietary protocol which is exploited by Skype as well.

After having the possession of a VoIP phone, people want to know about the internet speed needed for proper working of this phone. They should know that if they are unaware of the minimum internet speed, then investing in a VoIP supplier can prove to be wastage of money and time. This may be very shocking to know that VoIP supplier builds the system in such a way that it engages in the minimum possible bandwidth. This simply means that the internet speed would not get affected if people attempt to muddle it through the VoIP phone.

More often than not, VoIP phones utilize approximately 50kbps which is very less in comparison to the end-user’s expectations. This can give people an idea that if originally, their internet was running at 128 kbps; then VoIP would start running without causing any strain to the users. However, this is not the end of scrutiny and there are some more things to know. First of all, people need to know if the actual speed is equal to the advertised speed. Most of the VoIP service providers prove to be big mouths as their connections hardly provide the speed as they told. For example, they can tell people that the internet connection speed is 10mbps but this will be nothing but a white lie to provoke them for buying the connections.

There are so many problems associated with the poor internet speed. There may be disconnection of calls in between and sometimes, the receiver would not be able to hear any voice from the caller. People may not be able to hold the genuine clarity of the voice while talking to each-other. All these problems come across the people if their internet speed is slow than required. The appropriate internet speed for proper utilization of the VoIP phone is 1.5mbps. At this speed, VoIP phone can run efficiently without causing any distraction while surfing the internet.

At the faster speed of 3mbps, people will be able to make and accept more calls as compared to the other speed which is half of this new speed. Faster internet speed can be beneficial for the business personalities who need to hold the conference calls on a regular basis. 1.5mbps internet speed is satisfactory for the Individuals who use it for the personal purpose. Therefore, people may be able to differentiate between the appropriate internets speeds required to run a Internet phone smoothly. Next time, if people go to purchase a VoIP phone; they need to see whether they are using it for the business purpose or domestic purpose. VoIP phones are the requirements of the modern world.